"used" 78 stylus for Ortofon TM Cartridge

Hello, I need to "recover" just one 78 of my wife's dad singing in college back in 1930's. She has never heard this recording.

I have a MAC, Audacity. etc. I have a Luxman turntable that will play at 45. I have an ortofon TM cartridge with a 14 stylus. Can I use that stylus or should I find the 78 stylus? I really do not want to pay $65 for this one "rescue." Any suggestions?
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  1. Given that most 78s were subject to appallingly crude pickup arms and styluses by modern standards you probably won't do any new damage using a stylus designed for microgroove.

    Whether it will sound correct will only emerge if you can persuade Audacity to change the speed as radically as you propose.
  2. Thank you. I will post the results of this "journey." -dan
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