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I have a 5.1 channel sony receiver with 100 watts per channel. Looking for some decent speakers, or the best for around 50 dollars, I will be fixing my old sub or getting a new one so bass is not a big issue, I just want something i can crank up and blast music with and have little to no distortion when loud and im going to get 4 of them, 2 in the front 2 on the side/back for surround. I was looking at Anything better? or any bad things to say about these?
I had some KLH Audio S-Pro 4s before and they pretty much were great, and they were only around 30 dollars a pair, but seeing as how time has moved on I dont know whats out there and what my money can really buy me.

Trying to stay under 60 a pair but will go up to 70 if the quality is that much difference...ill just go with 2 speakers rather than 4 at that price point
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  1. hwo about this DENON SCX1000

    with a 100watt a channel, maybe you should look for floorstanding and stick with 2 for now.

    or 2 bookshelves and a sub.
  2. having more speaker dont add tha much diff to volume.

    2 speakers playing at same decibels, will increase the overall dB by 3

    in order to increase by 3 again, u gonna need 2 extra speakers... not worth it IMO unless u have a lot of money to spare.
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