Need a laptop cooler for an 18.4" laptop ..

Hey all ... Well last year I bought an 18.4" laptop (but really, as you can probably imagine, its not really a 'laptop' anymore ), and lately I've noticed that it just heats up a lot, and quite often more than before (like at least twice a day), I notice that the fan inside just goes berserk for like 20-30 minute sessions, and then breaths down again ...

So basically I'm looking for a good and cost effective laptop cooler that is suitable for my 18.4" laptop .. So if you know any, please do let me know

btw, these are the specs of my laptop (just in case you need the dimensions, etc ..):

Thanks in advance

P.S. I was gonna put this thread in the 'Cooling' section before, but I knew that 'cooling' there is referring to something completely different, so I put it here instead :)
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  1. any suggestions people ?
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