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Im looking to build about 3-5 computers with about $450 Total for each. The only parts that are included for this amount are the processor, mobo, the memory and a case.

The processors need to be the boxed version and preferably the mobo to be gigabyte, but does not have to be. Also regarding the mobo i was looking for Intergrated Video on them.

Im looking for a 400Mhz FSB on the processor and a mobo capable of a 533 FSB for future upgrades.

Regarding the memory it doesnt have to be DDR but i would like to have the MoBo support DDR in the future.

In all regards i want this computer to be able to last for 18-24 months without upgrades.

Keep in mind that these are business PC's and not an all out gaming machine. They are mostly going to be used for MS Office and some web development as the bare minimum applications used.

So far the place i found with the best price for a P4 1.8Ghz Boxed is for $134.

I will post updates to items that i have found

**The places that i intend to buy from need to be in the CHICAGO-LAND AREA ONLY**.

Thanks for the Help


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  1. Just checked New Egg .com price $121 Plus free shipping.
  2. Thats retail box.
  3. you could easily build those on amd 1700+ and nforce2 boards with memory and case for around 2 to 250$
    a barton 2500 333 for example is around 95$ and a board nforce2 i think 120$ or so, memory for it depends on the amount and speed ie: pc 2100, 2700 3200 etc.. but 150$ would allow you any memory you wanted and a case from 40$ with psu.
    thats like 400$ i think.

    i know there not gaming machines but they will run very good, the have onboard sound and video i believe, and offer dual or single channel ddr, you can run inexpensive memory in sinlge channel mode or properly rated ie: pc 2700 pc 3200 and run in dual channel.

    on the flip side you could build a p4 800 fsb
    the board has onboard everything, lol literally.
    although i dont know about video hmm.
    a chip in the 2.4 range at 800 fsb ht suported for 175$
    then a mobo like the p4p800 for 122$
    then 2x256 of dual channel ddr will run you around $150
    thats 445$ lol without a case, the case will throw you a little over your budget, BUT, this is a very smart upgrade for a buisiness application.
    most of the buisiness i service are still running p3's and even some p2's.
    this setup will operate with stability, speed, and just good old fashioned quality.

    the 800 fsb p4 lineup i used as an example is going to out perform the first example by leaps and bounds, so it is really a matter of your budget and the long run.
    you wont be upgrading this thing for a long time.
    let me ask you , what are upgrading from?

    you could also save a few bucks and run a 400 fsb or a 533 but they are also 130$ and so for the difference in 40$ the 2.4 with ht and 800 fsb would be a great choice.

    im speaking only from opinion here and im sure some will offer other setups, i would look to asus for either board though, wether it be the nforce2 or the p4p800.
    i dont say that to knock gigabyte, i just know from reading here and many other sites that users are having good luvk with a few asus boards on both the nforce 2 platform for amd chips and the 865pe platform for pentium chips
    i hope this helps by at least directing you to a few possible ideas to grow on.
  4. Lumper... some of the machines that i am going to be building are for upgrades and some are just new computers we need around the office. The current PC's we have now that we are upgrading are P2 350 Slot 1's with anywhere between 256 and 512memory at PC100.

    The suggestion of the new P4 C's isnt necessarily the best idea since none of the PC's here have any sort of DDR ram in them at the current time. Since the new 800 FSB takes pc3200 ram(somewhat new) it is still not the most cost effective way of building these PC's. My boss is all about the "Bottom Dollar". Actually we do have some DDR servers in the Data Center.

    We are looking to stay with Intel because *I* dont like AMD athlon cpu's. They just have a really bad PR and to keep things inline( i also dont want to remember what the exact core frequency on a 2300+ is or any of the other ones in that matter).

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Anyone Else?

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