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Hey all,

My Logitech Z-2300's have gone kaput on me and I'm in the market for a new sound system. My budget has expanded and I'm looking to spend ~$400. I recently purchased a Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium sound card , so I'll have that to complement a new system.

I've looked at hundreds of speakers and I can't make up my mind. Primarily surround sound. I was very interested in Energy Take Classic speakers but there is the issue of them needing a receiver. If I were to put down the extra for a good receiver, I'd be way out of my price range.

I was also thinking Z-5500, but the consensus seems to be that I could spend my money more carefully and get better sound. Help me do that! I just can't mix and match on my lonesome.

Thanks in advance! For the record I've got a pretty small room for this year--something like 8x11.
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  1. b & w mm-1, razer mako, audio engine a5 (not that great sounding imo), m-audio av40.

    if u want higher, then u may have to go looking for monitors, since they are the only speakers i know that are majorly active, and also sound good.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Would any of those be good with music/movies too? I'm looking for something that can sort of double for multimedia and gaming. I'm not that picky and I'm willing to shell out some good bucks, so I figured there has to be something out there for me.
  3. See if you can get your hands on a pair of Klipsch iFis on ebay.
  4. ifs its good for music then its gd for movies.
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