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I was wondering if anybody has any info on how (or if it is possible) to modify the inf files to make modem drivers work.

The problem is this: I have a Compaq laptop with a Compaq 56k v.90 modem. The system came with Windows ME and I have since installed Win2k in a dual-boot. I can't get the modem to work.

I have found out that the modem is produced by Askey, model # 1456VQL1Q-2 and has the same chipset as Askey's retail V1456VQH-R6(NPI) and/or V1456VQH-R6 (INT3) both of which work under win2k, but the drivers for the retail versions don't work on the one in my laptop. (Windows will not install them)

I was looking at the inf files and tried to compare them to the ones provided for WinME, is there any way to alter the inf file so that it looks in the right place or uses the correct identification information and loads the drivers?

Compaq has of course been no use and I've spent days looking for info, if anybody has any ideas (other than not buying from Compaq) or knows of any sites that might help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
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  1. My question is why you want to put win2k in a laptop? It must move dog slow on it. unless you got 128 meg of ram on that laptop then you must have some money to burn.
  2. Actually, I got 128 mb of laptop memory from crucial for $81, added to the 64 that was in there, minus 8 for video, I'm at 184...and now that my finances are in order, the reason I want 2000 on the laptop is for a little reliability...

    Don't get me wrong, I liked having to reinstall windows 9x every few months, but eventually even that gets boring...
  3. Try using a generic Modem driver. Such as Generic PCMCIA driver or using a general driver for the same product such as a Compaq PCMCIA modem driver. That is what I have had to do on several ocassions to get my modems responding.
    Good luck!
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