asf/divx/smr to vcd?

can anyone suggest me some softwares that will convert asf, divx or smr into images or files that i can burn them into vcd?
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  1. Hi.
    I'm just getting into video editing myself and not sure what an ASF or SMR is but DIVX is a decoding program to look at MPEG2 or 4, something like that.

    And from what I remember VCD is on of the worst format you can use. Its widely used still but you are still better off using MPEG2 and recording to CD.

    A good source of info can be found at
    They have a good online video editing manual.
    Plus tom's has an article on video formats that you might find interesting .
    Good luck!
  2. is the best place for help
    you can convert a asf file to mpeg format and then use either nero or easy cd creator deluxe to author you VCD.
    The best program to use for this is TMPGEnc, and to the previous reply yes vcd format is not the best Svcd is but i have not started to do that yet so there is very little help i can provide on that subject
  3. what program do you use to convert asf to mpeg? is it mpeg2 that it converts it to? thanks...
  4. SVCD is intersting. Good soucre page, thanks.
    I will be looking more into this.

    Take care
  5. Ive done some standard VCD and standard SVCD. This is what You can get in the different methods on a 80 min CDR. All with GOOD quality viewed on a TV through a decoder card
    VCD CBR 80 minutes (Flask + Pana plugin)
    SVCD CBR 40 minutes (Flask + bbMPEG)
    SVCD VBR ca 70 minutes (Flask + bbMPEG)
    and just now Im study an other interesting altarnativ, its
    VCD VBR (max 2200b/s). Its looks VERY good and its possible to fit 120 minutes on one CDR. (Flask + bbMPEG).
    Ive only done some tests with MPEG4, and all I seen is less quality than all above.

  6. What do you mean. Do you mean that you getting bad quality when using MPEG4 compression? I have seen a lot of DivXs with amazing qualities. Can u explain more?
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