Windows 7 freezes on install starting windows screen

I'm having a problem with installing windows 7. I start the computer and boot from my dvd-rom and it gets past the "Windows is loading files..." screen occasionally i get to the "starting windows" screen with no logo over it. other times i get a random blue screen. I've read a bunch of different forums online and none of the remedies seem to be working for me. I've tried disabling usb ports, unplugging all peripherals not necessary for the install, swapping harddrives, swapping video cards (including using the integrated) and messing with other bios settings.

My build is:
i5 661 3.33GHz cpu
Biostar TH55 HD motherboard
2x2GB 1333MHz Corsair Memory
600w thermaltake PSU
1TB Western Digital Caviar
500GB Western Digital Caviar

I 've spent countless hours trying to make it work and i'm pretty tired of searching. So if anyone can help i'd appreciate any helpfull advice. Thanks.
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  1. Use the method posted here to create a bootable Windows 7 install flash drive. There may be something wrong with the install media itself.
  2. Flash drive was actually the first medium I tried, it was after that didn't work that i tried the dvd-rom.
  3. Download MemTest86+ and test your ram...
  4. is there a way to do that if there is no operating system on the harddrive?
  5. I had the same problem with the same motherboard and CPU installing Ubuntu. Seems to be an incompatibility between the motherboard and the CPU's IGU. Try it with a separate video card.
  6. Well i finally broke down and brought my computer to a shop and they found 2 bent pins on my motherboard for the cpu slot. had to spend another $200ish dollars for a new motherboard.... but i guess at least it works now =).
  7. That's crap.... bend the pins back so they line up properly, and the system works again. No need to replace the whole board. I wouldn't use that shop again.
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