Help me find out which computer to buy please.

Hey, So im thinking of purchasing a new laptop in the near future most likely on boxing day. I have 3 options to choose from I'm some-what computer savy but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The 3 options are:

Option 1: Hp Envy M6 A8-4500m proc. 4mb l2 cache. 8gb ram. 7640g + 7470m dual graphics priced at 699.99 but can get cheaper on boxing day most likely 550-600.

Option 2:Hp Pavilion G6 15.6. Specs: Same as above except 100$ cheaper o.o ?? There might be something I may have missed not to sure if someone could check thatd be awsome.

Option 3: (its a bit out of my price range but if the quality of it compared to the a8-4500m is a huge gap then its worth it)
A10-4600m, 8gb RAM, 7660g + 7470m dual graphics 1TB HDD

Not sure what speed is of the RAM/HD's I believe there 1333mhz for ram and 5200 rpm

Mostly what im going to be doing is watching youtube videos, facebook, and quite a bit of gaming like bf3 cod.. all that good stuff so could someone please help determine which one I should get and what fps can I get on newer games thanks alot :D .
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    Down a ways on the left is a chart of game playability and expected frame rates
    As far as a difference in price between the M6 and G6, I think you're paying for the aluminum (?) chassis there
  2. Thanks alot for the reply/welcoming me.
    And yea that makes sense.
    Can anyone elaborate more on how much more performance I would get out of the a10 then the a8 in terms of gaming would be greatly appreciated thanks
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