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If you have a receiver and HDTV that upscales, which one takes preference when using HDMI? Since the signal will go thru receiver first, will the HDTV process it again and either pass it thru or rescale it based on its codecs? I own a Samsung Plasma and Blu Ray. I want to purchase a new receiver (HTIB)and a freind asked this question since he is purchasing a new Blu ray player.
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  1. if you are playing bluerays then the signal is already hidef 1080p. if you are playing dvds in the blueray player then naturally the player would upscale first as it is the actual device decoding the dvd.

    you can manually disable hdtv upscaling in the menu system if it is a problem. on some devices you can disable player upscaling (i know on ps3 and sony bluerays you get alot of options at least).

    in the case of receivers, i believe there are options to upscale or not. i havent messed around with mine much since everything works perfect. i think it recognizes that its a 1080 signal already and leaves it alone....

    even if it is a 1080 signal already the tv still might run its sharpen and color adjustment filters so you might want to turn them off if you dont want it.
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