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I was trying to install windows 8 only on a small partition of my hard drive that currently has windows 7 on it. During the installation I messed up. I chose to select where to install it and I clicked on the right hard drive but I clicked on format thinking it would lead me to a screen where I could partition it. However it looks like it erased the partition that had windows 7. The hard drive still has the small partition for system reserved and I also have an external hard drive that I backed everything up on.

So I put in the old windows 7 disk and clicked on repair system (with my external hard drive plugged in) but it said there was a problem and it wouldn't let me do it.

I also have a windows system recover disk that I had so I tried that. From there I was able to chose an image to restore my system. However there is no image anywhere to load, even on the external hard drive. So I am unable to do a system recovery that way.

In addition it won't let me reinstall windows 7 because it says the hard drive is not formatted correctly.

So I need some help getting windows 7 back with my system restored with my data.
If that is not possible is there any way I can continue to install windows 8 and then still recover all my data from my external hard drive?
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    This article may help you somewhat and if you haven't written over your old installation then you can recover what you had.
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