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HP XW6400 Workstation vs Dell Precision 380 Workstation

Last response: in Computer Brands
December 14, 2012 2:11:35 PM

Hi Everybody, really need your help. I'm looking to buy one of 2 refurbished systems.
Will be using them to design and play games (actually my son will!!!)


Dell Precision 380 Workstation
Intel Pentium 4 (P4) HT 3.8GHz=2 x 3.8GHZ
Memory: 4GB (4,096MB)
Hard Drive: 300GB
nVidia GeForce GT210 512MB 3D Gaming Graphics
Windows XP Professional


Processor: Dual Intel 64-bit Dual Core Xeon 5130 2.0Ghz =4 x 2.0GHz
2GB (4 x 512MB) PC2-5300F RAM
ATi Radeon 2GB HD5450 gaming/professional Graphics Card
Windows XP Professional

I'm really interested to hear your responses. Which system would you pick and why?
I don't really know too much. The 1st system seems to have more ram, but the 2nd has
ram on the graphics card. I'm sure there's more important issues but don't know.

Posted this under CPU section by mistake.
Thanks for any help.
December 15, 2012 12:08:35 AM

I would personally choose the Xeon machine there even though all specs (except the GPU) seem to be less, here's why. Passmark benchmarks show the Xeon 5130 CPU (passmark score 1395) in the "High Mid Range CPUs" here and show the P4 3.8GHz (Passmark score 529) in the "Low Mid Range CPUs" here
for the GPU's Passmark scores are GeForce 210 = 184, the HD5450 = 239
That's my major deciding factors and I believe the other things can be easily upgraded (ram, HDD) if desired
January 27, 2013 10:50:37 PM

Why would you choose a Dell precision 380 with the Pentium-4 ? Get a Precision 380 with Pentium-D.
The Pentium-D is Dual core and is able to take advantage of full 64 Bit operation.
I have two of these machines and I love them!