Hp7020us AC power jack fix

so i have a hpzd7020us with a bad ac power jack and i'm trying to get to the mother board to fix it and or replace it.. wonder if anyone has fixed this on their zd7020us?

my question is in looking at the service manual at 5.2 Disassembly Sequence Chart is that: do i need to remove everything listed previous to the steps for access to the system board to replace the jack or can i just start with 5.12?

wonder if anyone has done this and can save me time before go the long way and maybe i don't need to remove everything preceding the system board and go straight to 5:12 and follow those steps only.

5.2 Disassembly Sequence Chart

Use the chart below to determine the section number to be
referenced when removing notebook components.

Disassembly Sequence Chart
Section Description # of Screws Removed

5.3 Preparing the notebook for disassembly
Battery pack
Hard drive
4 loosened
5.4 Notebook feet 0
5.5 Memory module 2 loosened
5.6 Mini PCI communications card 2 loosened (same
screws loosened for
Memory module)
5.7 Optical drive 2
5.8 Keyboard 8 loosened on fan cover,
2 removed for keyboard
5.9 Keyboard cover 6
5.10 Display assembly 4
5.11 Top cover 13
5.12 System board 6 screws,
4 standoffs
5.13 RTC battery 0
5.14 Heat sink
4 loosened
6 removed
5.15 Processor 0
5.16 SD Card slot/infrared module 3
5.17 Speakers 3

any help is appreciated.

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  1. I just offer the article to you

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    hope it can give you some help
  2. susanqy said:
    I just offer the article to you

    Tips of Laptop DC Jack Repair

    hope it can give you some help

    Nice Article! Thanks for flaunt. :hello:
  3. i actually had no problem figuring out what was wrong, how to fix it and or how to do it... all i was looking for was if there was shorter way to do it in case someone had done it before. maybe someone would have said "yeah don't worry about this step" etc. but thanks for the replies!
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