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EMachines W3609 case and OS questions

Hello, I have 3 questions.. One is, Is the case for a W3609 a micro ATX? or just standard ATX.. Beacuse, If its Micro Atx, Im planning to put in this:

and second question...

Since when you change out a Mobo, you need a new licence... Correct? Cant you just wipe thee one OS off the harddrive, and just reinstall it? beacuse the key can be used as many times, As long as there is no computer running the same key, Within a time period....

3rd question, Does the case support a ATX powersupply? or does it need a Micro atx?

Thanks for any answers for these questions
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    First question, the case only supports micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards
    Second question, your license (through emachines/gateway/acer) is for the system with motherboard intact. A new license would be needed.
    Third question, It uses a standard ATX PSU
    Questions not asked (but should've been IMO)
    Do I need new ram? Yes, your current ram is DDR2*, the motherboard you're looking at uses DDR3
    Do I need a new CPU? Yes, your current CPU is socket 775*, the new motherboard uses socket 1155
    Hope it helps
    *Unless your model is newer than the one I could find to reference
  2. yes, Im planning to upgrade, But, What kind of ram... I cant seem to find any, But... I might have found some.. for the mother board:
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  4. You can go a little higher on your ram frequency, to 1600MHz ram like the RipjawsX Series 8GB PC3-12800 Dual Channel DDR3 Kit
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