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My little brother has a computer and all of a sudden it won't turn on. It's a compaq presario desktop computer. If you turn it on the
green light flashes or flickers on and off. The fans start but the smaller fan revs up but then goes slower as if it has failed to run all the way then starts up and repeats the cycle. My mom and I have tried switching out the power supply box for one we know that works and it still did the same thing. Does anyone know other things that could be wrong? Thanks in advance.
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  1. What model Presario, be as exact as possible since extra numbers behind the basic model number can be important. Are there any diagnostic lights at the back of the computer, if so how are they lit? Make sure the heatsink and fan are clean and ensure all connections and ram are properly seated, also resetting your CMOS may work. Most of all we need the model number here.
  2. SR1010V is what it says on the front
    Theres a light on the back and it has a green light that is flickering on and off
  3. You are looking at an older computer there and much can go wrong. Do you get to see the Compaq logo on the monitor at all? Does it seem to restart before that point?
    These guides may help and this one although old, may help some
  4. The computer won't come on the monitor at all.
  5. Try going through the two guides and see where you can get. If unsure of anything, ask away here. If you are somewhat new to the motherboard connections, take pictures to reference later (it helps in reassembly sometimes)
  6. The power box I put it in was dell. I then put the original power box back in and with the original the fans didn't even come on. o.o I also took the steps I read in the guides and its still not turning on all the way.. I have another computer that is currently getting fixed should I just replace my brother's computer with it or do you think this one can still be saved? lol
  7. I'm sure it can be saved but the question is... Is it financially responsible to do so? If you cannot get anything from the computer after following the second guide, there are still two options that may bring it to life. 1) Flashing your BIOS, very risky, if not done correctly will kill your motherboard. 2) Motherboard reflow, very smelly job with no guarantee of success.
    Depending upon the model of computer you have getting fixed (a little newer than the compaq hopefully), giving it to your brother may be a better option
  8. It could be something as small and simple as a fuse in the PSU. Any repair shop having a Volt-meter should be able to fix it.
  9. take out power cord out for 10 mins then put it back in and turn it on:bounce:
  10. I'm 90 percent sure the problem is your Mobo.
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