ok , this is stupid

my friend bought a 3ghz p4 with teh 800mhz FSB.

he said he has it at 4.7GHZ. i was like "yeah watevr you idiot LOL" and he said the average overclock for a 2.53P4 is 4.2ghz

he also said that some guys where he works (microsoft support centre heh) have thier P4s over 5ghz with petliers

i dont believe him. i think he is full of SHHIT. hahaha... the highest ive heard of is 4.5 or something and that was an extreme overclock that was only stable for a few minutes

what do you guys think


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  1. I think your friend needs to put down the pipe. :tongue:
  2. Considering Intel showed at a trade show (might be last year's IDF) a 4.6GHZ maximum, and THG's Prometheia at 4.1GHZ, BOTH overclocked this high thanks to extreme cooling, and raised until it BSODed, this guy needs serious help. Friends like these, shouldn't be your friends, seriously.

    If I could see the Matrix, I'd tell you I am only seeing 0s inside your head! :tongue:
  3. <font color=blue>*slaps phial*</font color=blue>

    I can't believe...

    <font color=blue>*kicks phial in gonads*</font color=blue>

    You wasted bandwidth...

    <font color=blue>*pummels phial with baseball bat*</font color=blue>

    to tell us about...

    <font color=blue>*riddles phial with 9mm bullets*</font color=blue>

    your moronic, lying friend...

    <font color=blue>*pours gasolone on phial*</font color=blue>

    and his stupid moronic lies!!!

    <font color=red>*lights match and drops it onto phial*</font color=red>

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  4. See phial, now you no who your true friends are. Personally I think what your friend said is great.Slap a $100 done and say I'm calling, raise show or pay.
  5. Maybe he's using that new superoverclockingWINDOWS that has been rumored for years now? :eek: :eek: :eek:


  6. dont p4 come multiplier locked? the only way to oc them is with the fsb i thought?
  7. his is factory unlocked

    he also said that he got his 1.4Athlon up to 2.25ghz

    ROFLMAO yeah watever what a knob hahah

    and Twitch, that was the funnies crap ive seen in a long time. i dont seem like im laughing becaues i had to take 5 minutes to wipe the tears from my eyes and now im exhuasted :)


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  8. Mornings aren't my time of laughter, but Twitch got more than a giggle out of my mouth!!!

    If I could see the Matrix, I'd tell you I am only seeing 0s inside your head! :tongue:
  9. You should talk to your friend about the negative effects of crack.

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  10. Make him show you, if he is bullshiting atleast you can catch him in the act. :)

    The only thing that i truly know...

    is that i know nothing at all.
  11. yeah i asked him to show me, but he dosetn have hte internet at his house so .....hehee


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  12. yes he is retarded....no way!

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  13. u watch too much ren and stimpy! lol!

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  14. What kind of self-respecting Microsoft employee doesn't have an Internet connection? I live in Seattle so I know some people who work at Microsoft (they employ like 30,000 people so everybody here knows a couple of 'softies) and every single one of them has DSL or cable. They're the kind of people who run Linux servers, not the kind who don't even have dial-up. I'd say your friend is smokin the good stuff.

    I'm just a big, geeky nerd. :cool:
  15. I know a few "softies" myself. Most of them are geniuses or very close, contrary to rumor, and they're all addicted to the internet. In fact, I've never met a group of people who so closely matches the iconic "computer geek."

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  16. A Microsoft employee running a Linux server?!


    I think my hamster just fainted.



    Nope. I was wrong. He just feinted. I've got to learn to block faster. I knew that giving my hamster a tiny little rapier was a bad idea, but he looked so cute holding it...

    But seriously, shouldn't a Microsoft employee be running something like IIS?

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  17. lol phoenix, I was just throwing out a for-instance. But off the top of my head I can think of one guy who does black box testing (for Microsoft) and uses a Linux box for his home firewall and another guy who's on the directX team who uses one mainly for a dedicated CounterStrike server. They're just regular people, albeit with slightly more egg-shaped heads (and they got me copy of WinXP Pro for $50 at the Microsoft store :cool: ).

    I'm just a big, geeky nerd. :cool:
  18. just because your a M$ employee doesnt mean your COMPLETLEY dense. my friend only works there because its good money. and he gets to chat on MSN and ICQ (legally) all night while on the job . i think he does about 2 hours of work for eveyr 8 hour shift


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  19. If your frield is running a P4 at more than 50% more than it's designated speed, i would be very interested in seing his cooling solution, because to keep his CPU with in sum form of stability the core voltage must be up very high and generating tremendous qountities of heat, the sort of thing that would give an industrial referigeration plant headaches. I am willing to accept his speed if he has worked out how to unlock the CPU multiplier and has also increased the FSB speed but industrial strenght cooling solution aside 4.7Ghz is just not possible.
  20. he also said that he got his 1.4Athlon up to 2.25ghz

    Well, considering a JIUHB Tbred B XP 1700+ @ 1.47Ghz can do 2.25Ghz+, he might be telling the truth. Just ask him what kind of Athlon.
  21. the only 1.4 athlons were the palamino axp1600+ and the tbird 1.4..
    the palamino may possibly at a stretch if he had a REALLY good one reach 2ghz but i really doubt 2.25
    as for the tbird.. no way. 1.4ghz was the end of that core. a few people managed to hit 1.6 but i dont think i ever heard anyone getting higher even with extreme cooling
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