Need some opinions about the new rig i am building

Hi i am finally about to build my new Comp.(I will be building in the next two weeks or so) and would love to hear some opinions about what i am thinking of getting. I have waited a while and can't wait any longer lol. Please comment on anything you want, say whatever you feel like, it won't hurt my feelings. :)

MotherBoard: Asus P4P800 Deluxe
This was the hardest choice and the reason i have waited so long to do this upgrade. I am leaning towards the Asus P4P800 Deluxe. It has everything i wanted.

I really wanted to get the Abit IC7-G but there three things i didn't like about it.
1.) My PC must be quiet, and the NB fan wasn't acceptable (I have no problem replacing it with something else but i heard the clips were weird on this board and you need to use epoxy to put on another HS.).
2.) I can't get it locally and although that isn't a huge deal, it is always good to buy local for return reasons.
3.) The Asus is cheaper and performs better or the same in every benchmark i have seen(including here).

I have one concern about it though maybe you guys can clear it up. On Asus's web sight it says it will do raid 0 through the ICHR5 southbridge only in Win XP and in one preview i saw it mentioned it was software raid. Now because it is going through the ICHR isn't it hardware raid? No other board with same SB had the same warning(only XP). It isn't any different than any of the other boards is it? Heres the link btw <A HREF=" Deluxe&langs=09" target="_new"> Deluxe&langs=09</A>.

Procesor: P4 3.0 C (I know i could go cheaper and overclock, but i have the cash and will still overclock)

Video: ATI 9700 Pro All-in-wonder or the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro which should i get, the difference is only $60 CDN. With 9700 pro AIW. I get the tuner, plus the RF remote which i want cause it has the mouse button which lets me control my mouse. I watch alot of SVCD's and Divx movies from mu PC and the remote would definately be handy. On the other hand i could get the 9800 pro, get better performance for only $60 more. The performnce boost doesn't seem big enough thoug to outweigh the usefullness of the AIW bundle. What do you guys think?

Memory: 2 sticks of Kingston Hyper-X 512MB PC3500 DDR400 CL2.0 - not much to talk about here, although does anyone think i should save some cash and go with PC3200 sticks?

Hard Drives: 2 Seagate 120.0GB S-ATA, 8MB cache - They will be put in a RAID 0 configuration.

The Rest i already have but i will post it so you can see a better picture of what i am getting:

DVD-ROM - Pioneer Slot 16x
CD-RW - LiteOn 52x24x52
Sound Card - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum
Case - Lian Li PC-65
Power Supply - Antec TRUE 430W ATX

Thank you for any replies, they will be very much appreciated.

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  1. Video i'd say if you like the features of the AIW get the AIW, the performance difference isn't that large. Ramwise, stick with the 3500 it will give you a bit more overclocking headroom.

  2. That's gonna be a killer rig.

    You should definately go with the 9700AIW if you will be putting it's features to good use. The 9800 is only like 6% faster.

    If there is anywhere you might want to save some money it's with the CPU. I would suggest the 2.8c as I believe it might have a little more OC'ing potential than the 3.0c. I know from a couple of sites that the 2.8c has been safely OC'd with stock hsf to 3.22. Not too shabby.

    It will be a beast though whatever you decide.
  3. when my parts ever show up i will be building almost the exact same rig.
    are those sata seagates, the 10k's? or the 7200's?
    120 gig sata 10k lol my 36 gb sata 10k raptor is 160$ i wouldnt want to see the price of dual 120's of the same specs.
    other than the hard drives we have almost identical systems, i went with a 2.6 though ( on a budget) and i am waiting for a vid card price drop, i will run the ti4600 till then.
  4. Don't buy Pioneer DVD-ROM, they suck. Buy LiteOn, they are the best, though don't slot-loading

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  5. If you've got any spare cash (which I imagine you might, if you're buying top-of-the-line components like those) get the Radeon 9800 All-In-Wonder that just came out and get the best of both worlds.
  6. Since you have the money stick with Pc 3500. I would go with Corsair Pc 3500 XMS. The rest is up to you.
  7. To ltj311:
    Thx alot, yea i am leaning towards the 9700 AIW, i know that i will be using that remote, the first day i get it. I will probably use the tuner quite a bit also. I was going to go with a lower clocked CPU, but i had the cash so i said why not. I might still do it though.

    To Lumper:
    They are 7200 RPM drives, i considered the WD-36G-10k but i am trying to build a quiet rig, so i went with the Seagates. I didn't know Seagate was even coming out with 10K sata drives. lol

    To Spitfire_x86:
    Its too late i can't take it back i have had it for 8 months or so.
    Actually lol i had the LiteOn DVD rom but i took it back cause it made an annoying whine. You are right though, the pioneer has trouble reading media that the LiteON has no problems with. The LiteOn is the beter dive, if i had known that then, i would of exchanged for another LiteOn.

    To NerdOfTheNorth"
    I was thinking about it, but to find the 9800pro AIW is impossible in Canada, hell my local stores just now started selling the 9800pros. If i am able to locate a place that has it in canada or ships here(with ecent prices), i would be very happy.

    To HardwareBoss:
    The kinston Low latency PC 3500 are about eighty dollars a stick cheaper than the Corsair. I couldn't make myself go with the Corsair as i don't see the benefit. I saved $160.

    The only thing that i truly know...

    is that i know nothing at all.
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