Can ethernet cable be used for composite audio/video?

If I cut open an ethernet cable and use 3 of its inner strands and connect them on each side to RGB composite connectors, will I expect a signal to be successfully transferred through it?

I have loads of long ethernet cable, and there's a TV in the kitchen that I want to connect to my living room DVR. So if I could cut and solder ethernet cable to composite ends, that would save me a costly trip to the electronics store.

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  1. Sure, go ahead, slice & dice. Wire is wire, right? NOT !

    There is such a thing as line impedance and another thing known as shielding, but what do those inventors and engineers know anyway?
  2. Haha, very funny. I'm guessing I should have known that even though I'm not an engineer.
  3. There are baluns designed to use a single cat5 as an av cable. Very common and work fine. They match impedances.
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