Barton 2500+ expected temps?

Hello, I just recently got a barton 2500, running stock speed with Thermaltake Volcano9 running at top rpm using Actic Silver2 thermal paste and it looks like i'm getting around 39C idle and closer to 45-50C at full load, and I was just wondering why others are able to get much lower readings - I've seen around 32-34 C with the same processor, and was wondering if you all think its the thermal paste, the heatsink or the case cause higher than normal heat.

Enermax 350W Mid tower case, 2-80 mm case fans
Athlon XP Barton 2500+
Thermaltake Volcano9
1 stick 512 mb PC 2700 Cruicial ddr
MSI geforce 3 ti200 64mb
Western Digial 80gb Caviar Special Edition

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  1. lots of it depends on your environment and the number of case fans you have, i have five case fans, 3 in 2 out plus power supply, and my chip w/ stock cooling runs 50C underload and about 40ish idle, so i wouldnt be too worried,

    a better cooler would also lower your temperature

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  2. Your idle temp is fine your high temp should be a bit better. You may have used a little too much thermal paste. .a very thin layer on chip and on hsf is all that is needed You should be able to see through the paste. evenness is also very important. How hot is the room your rig is in. Is your rig stuck under or in something. This could effect heat disapation. The other chip guys use fans that wont allow the chip to get warmer than 50c or 122f because they know that is the point where resistance is affected for thier voltage. Amd chips can go a bit higher before they start getting errors. True your temps are fine but with your thermal solution unless you are an extreme user should keep your temps at use to about 45 max.
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