HP 940xl Cost?!

I've been trying to find some refills for the cartridges in an Officejet Pro 8000, specifically the 940XL black cartridge... however, I can only find originals, and at £22+ a pop, it's not going to work out to be economical for our business... Just wondering, does anyone have any leads on where provides refilled 940XLs? I've seen refill "kits", but no actually refilled cartridges... :pfff:

Thanks! :)
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  1. Do you really need colour ? For the price of a set of inkjet refills you could almost buy a new laser printer which will run trouble free for months and not cost much to feed occasionally.

    Or you could get a new Office jet Pro 8000 for £75 !!

    The whole inkjet thing is a joke and has no place in business.
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