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im in a bit of a dilemma with which lap should i be selecting:
Toshiba qosmio f60. {intel core i7 720qm 1.6/2.8,4gb ram,500hdd,nvidia geforce 330m{1gb}

2.hp pavillion dv6-2020 {intel corei7 720qm[1.6/2.8ghz],4gb ram,atiradeon graphics{1gb{nt sure whcih model},500hdd...

please let me know wether i could playpretty good games on that toshiba machine..
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  1. Well somehow find what graphic card the second model has,i did a google search and only found it with Nvidia cards
  2. If Toshiba qosmio f60 is there then there is no need of any choice.
  3. Is the card GeForce GT 330M? If yes, it will not play recent games well because is has only 48 unified shaders.
  4. For good gaming performance, you will need Nvidia card with at least 112 unified shaders or ATI card with at least 640 unified shaders ( 1GB memory is also recommended).

    Choose from this list:
  5. oh seriously! wud pretty fyn games run on atleast mid details? its got 1gb graphics dedicated...
    this is the only card available wid the qosmio f60....
  6. For medium details the GeForce GT 330M is ok.
  7. Just cause it has 1gb memory doesnt mean much these days... look at a desktop 4670 and compare it to the 5870 (1gb versions)... my point proven.. as sunsurfer said, look at the things like shaders and core speed... Depends on what GPU the HP has as to which one would be a better gaming laptop
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