Comfortable headset?

Hello all,

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I couldn't find any other subforum.

I'm looking for an extremely comfortable headset(with mic) that can be worn to play games for 4+ hours, can anyone recommend me one?

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  1. /bose-a20-headset-no-bluetooth-g-a-plugs.html /MyPilotStore/sep/633
  2. budget?

    For comfort I would highly recommend you look at razer headsets, they are REALLY comfy.!-the-best

    Very good audio quality also.

    They have a very loose and padded feel with an over the ear design, highly recommended from myself (if that means anything)

    Also for good audio quality and a more snugg feel theres the logitech G35's

    Wireless versions available for the G35 also

    hope either of them are what your looking for
  3. Also for a much lower budget and obviously lower audio quality there are the creative fatal1ty headsets, I used to have them but upgraded, there really comfy and also alot cheaper but as said lower audio quality.
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