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I did not know what sction too put this under at this time

My Question is i bought a Packard Bell Imedia computer this month and where the CD drive is hidden by that flap theyre was a sticker on it, I took this off with it leaving tons of residue behind which was impossible too get rid of i tried nail varnish remover this has cauused it too make lil holes in the plastic as i have now learnt it eats it, Also i tried White spirit only for this too make it terrible, SO i really need too buy a new flap for infront of the CD drive i have searched but cannot find one anywhere Please can someone help me on this! Thankyou any help is much appreciated!!!!

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  1. any help would be good please, Need to order the part tonight if anyone can find me a site seliing them.
  2. If the flap is part of the Packard Bell case, I would throw yourself on the mercy of their customer support people -- particularly as the issues arose because of their dumb sticker. They might give you a replacement from a scrapped machine.

    If it's part of the CD drive's front bezel, open the case (or Windows Device Manager) and see what brand the drive is and try begging its maker.

    Frankly, as most people chuck computers away within 5 years I would not spend a lot of time worrying about the cosmetics -- much worse things can happen with these machines.
  3. Use Goo-B-Gone (I think it's called) after this. It's made to do precisely what you were trying to do: remove sticker residues w/o destroying what's underneath. It smells like it has a mixture of paint thinner and something else in it, and works remarkably well most of the time.

    As far as your immediate problem - I'd forget about it like another respondent said: you'll be replacing it before long anyway. If it really bugs you, replace the drive - they don't cost very much. Maybe put your own decal over it.
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