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Hello guys. Not sure if this is the right forum but I need help setting up my home surround system. So I got a 46in Panasonic TV, Sony Blu Ray player, my cable box, and a 5.1 bose surround sound system and receiver. With my current setup I have a all the speakers connected to my receiver and the receiver connected to my TV through an optical cable. My cable box and blu ray player are connected to my TV via HDMI cables. So right now I'm getting surround sound when I watch cable TV but not when I watch movies through my blu ray player. When I watch a movie sound is coming through the speakers but only the front two. So I'm trying to figure out how to get 5.1 audio through all my setups. All the research I've done points me that I need to have the cable box and blu ray player connected to the receiver then connect the receiver to the TV. Problem with this is my receiver is old and does not have HDMI outlets so I can't get HD images if I do this. Is there any other way to do this or do I need to get a new receiver? Thanks for the help guys.
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  1. Get a new receiver.
  2. Your cable box and Blu Ray should be connected to the receiver with a digital audio cable. There are two types, coaxial and optical. Use the type that your cable box and blu ray have. On the cable box you may have to change a setting in the menu to get surround from the digital out and 2 channel through the HDMI to your TV. On your receiver you may need to assign the digital inputs to a source button IE cable or DVD.
  3. Depends on your Bose system, you might be able to do what americanaudiophile sudgested, but if your Bose is like the Lifestyle V-35 Home Theater System. Both box and BD HDMI should be connected to your Bose system then HDMI out to your TV.

    What model is your Bose System?
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