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I'm looking for an ultrabook to replace my Acer Laptop. Budget 700 or less, essentially I want something with a fast processor. I work from home and can't stand slow computers. This will be a personal computer, I don't know much about the SSD vs regular , but I want a good product with good tech support. NO Dells please. I've been looking at Toashiba and HP, but heard HP support isn't too great. I prefer windows 7. Refurbished is ok. Good speakers a must as well, since I do watch movies sometimes.
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  1. Grab this one. it is $719 but hey it is most likely what laptop gamers buy from toshiba.
    Toshiba Satellite P850-BT3G22
  2. And the difference between an ssd and a mechanical HDD is that a SSD is mostly used for items on your computer that you want to boot faster for an example, Windows 7 or your internet browser
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