Studio 17 low cpu rating 2.6

I have a dell studio 17, and i recently bought windows 7 to put on it. After i formatted and put 7 on it that is my cpu rating. It doesn't seem to be performaing as smoothly as vista or as fast. Its not really slow but you can tell there is some lag when you try to click something. Any idea guys? It was rated alot higher in vista, but a 2.6??? thats so low! My brother has a t5250 1.5ghz and its rated 4.2.

My processor is a t5750 2 ghz
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  1. Could you post all the specs of your system? It might give clues as to why your rating is so low.
  2. Ignore the windows rating. It doesn't mean a whole lot.

    Did you install all of your drivers?
  3. I am aware it doesnt mean a whole lot, but you can tell windows 7 isnt as smooth or fast as vista, and on my other two computer its the opposite. But when i pulled the rating it helped me realize maybe something is wrong.

    I updated all drivers including the chipset drivers, using driver checker pro. This was after i did the rating though and it didnt change.

    It has 2gb of ram
    integrated intel graphics chip.
    Everything is rated 3.4 or higher except the processor..thats not normal.
  4. You can try and update the chipset as well; if an update is available from dell.
  5. Also, see if disabling Aero effects improve performance.
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