The Infamous HP Envy 15 (m6-1105dx)

Hey guys, so I am looking to make a purchase into the PC (laptop) world. I would only be using this laptop mainly for gaming. I am not the biggest PC gamer along the lines of BF3, COD, and Black OPS 2, but more along the lines of strategy still based games, Civilization, Tropico 4, SimCity, Age of Empires, etc. I have been looking at two computers, the Acer V3-551-8469 and the HP Envy 15 M6-1105DX. Both have AMD graphic cards which is something that I like but one has a little bit bigger of a price tag. I need some solid advice. This is pretty much the only two laptops I have really spent a lot of time looking into considering my budget does not go much higher than the HP. If I could get some advice or suggestions that would be great!
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  1. Do not get acer. Acer has been building mostly defective laptops and not the best for a couple of years now. I would lean over to one of the newer dell inspirons or that HP Envy.
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