Naga or Imperator mouse?

Hello there everyone! I'm going to be purchasing a mouse soon, and can't decide on one. The information I have to work with is as follows:
I have a claw grip (ish.)
I play every type of game, RTS, FPS, and when FFXIV comes out I'll get back into MMOs.
The Naga is a great MMO mouse.
The Imperator is a great FPS mouse.

Based off that, I really can't decide. I was wondering what people's individual experiences with these mice are. Any feedback or opinions would be quite helpful.
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  1. Go with the Naga it has amazing speed and precision for FPS and tons of macro buttons for MMO, RPG, and RTS games. I have one and I love it. The Imperator is a good mouse no doubt but it doesn't combine the best of both worlds like the Naga does.
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