Would a vacuum cleaner damage computer components??

I'm about to clean out my computer from all the dust.

My Dad has an industrial vacuum cleaner which blows out as well as sucks in. I was wondering whether I could use it to blast the dust from the computer.

Although I know that when sucking up dust with it, at his work place, it sticks to the side of the plastic pipe due to static building up. If I was to blast air out on to my computer components would any static build up and damage any of my hardware??


Not sure if this was the correct place to post this. Sorry if it's not.
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  1. There shouldn't be any risk of static as long as there is no contact between the two. That might make it a bit tricky to get into the corners, I personally use an air compressor with a little wand that allows access to tight spaces and corners (which is also why they sell canned air) you can try it, if nothing else you can report back on how effective it is
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