i made a mistake! =[

I ordered the Barton 3200+ from newegg and then read this:


Needless to say, I'm a bit distressed, considering the 3200+ processor cost more than the P4. So I'm going to make an exchange with newegg for the P4. I just have a question that's unclear in the review. The processor that did the best:


P4 3.0 -- is actually the 3.0C, correct? The same processor as seen here:


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  1. Wow, $448 oem, that's pretty expensive.

    You shouldn't be worried about it if you ask me. Even if the fastest p4 is a little faster it doesn't mean your Athlon is near being slow.

    I'm still impressed with my 2600+ compared to the old tbird 1.1

    It's all good ^_^
  2. >> Wow, $448 oem, that's pretty expensive.

    Yea, I got the retail one too ($458)! Hehe.
  3. i beleive the 3.0 ghz is the C yes - it is also the 800mhz FSB version and you need a motherboard that supports 800mhz FSB. I haven't gottin mine yet - but i haven't heard any problems with asus p4p800 deluxe and i've been looking around since i've bought. has everything you'd need besides serial ata raid 1 - which not many use anyway.

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  4. >> p4p800

    er, the P4C800, right? newegg has it for 187.99 .. considering I bought the A7N8X for 127.99, the actual total for the Intel system will end up being more -- but I think I'm willing to accept that considering the performance gain.


    But making a return would ruin my weekend plans.

    What are you doing for RAM? I figure the Corsair TWINX DDR400 PC3200 ram that I bought will still work for this combination. Is there a more optimal solution?
  5. noo the P4P800 deluxe - that was no typo - runs as fast as the P4C800 Deluxe! the canterwood boards are only for people that have and use ECC memory! the P4P800 is also 145 at newegg!!!

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  6. yes, that probably shouldn't have been a typo...

    go with the P4<i><b>P</b></i>800 deluxe (or non-deluxe)! :smile:
  7. http://img.hexus.net/P4P800/Mobo.jpg

    Doesn't look like there's too much room in there for a video card (I bought a 9800 pro).
  8. What do you mean not too much room? There's pleanty of room, even for a double width card!

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  9. i have the setup in question, the 2.6 i bought was 240$
  10. Not the P4p800 vm please
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