My laptop doesn't recognize its hard drive?!?

When I poot it up it goes through all the boot options then stops with an error when it tries to boot on the PXE network protocall. My boot sequence is HDD FDD CD blah blah in the bios I notice it has a Hard Drive Mode, and it is set to Not Used. I cant find a way to change that and I have reset the bios to defaults I also tried leaving the worthless battery unhooked for like an hour. I am just stumped any help would be much apreciated

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  1. Ummm, this isn't really a support forum - it's where you talk about company support - like how bad Dell's is, or how good HP is, or (ok, it's not that great either)... There's a sticky at the top of the forum.

    And people need to know a little about your laptop - like who made it and what model. I could be a brand new Acer Ferrari, or it could be an ancient Gateway Solo 9550. Or something even older.

    Try one of the hardware forums.

  2. Haha, sorry about that. I never travel into this neck of the woods. but anyway

    Toshiba Satalite 1415-S105
    it is old like 5ish years old
  3. Easiest way I've found to get around the @ Not recognizing hard drive problem is to get a boot disk from Windows Me Run fdisk and delete partition. Restart and then format C: You lose hard drive space but this will allow you to do a raw install of WindowsXP. I have a WD Scorpion 100gig SATA and that's what I did. Now i only shows 30gigs of hard drive space but think it's worth the trade off to get the operating system of choice, Guess If I want to later I can always get an external USB hard drive for more space If I need it. SATA hard drivs just run compressed files.
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