Will this work?

I have the A7V-266E motherboard with a 1700+ Palomino right now. I have the latest BIOS drivers.
Which of these will work?
2600+ 333Mhz FSB
2600+ 266Mhz FSB
2400+ 266Mhz FSB

What voltage setting will I need? (I think my bios doesn't let me go lower than 1.75V.)

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  1. Check manufacturer website. It also probably shows what CPU support is provided in the BIOS update's release notes.

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  2. I've tried that. Not to be rude, but don't post unless you know the answer. I've been asking people all over the place and even EMailed ASUS, but I haven't recieved a yes or no answer.

    The ASUS website says the BIOS upgrade is to make the mobo support 2600+. But if it requires 1.6V and my bios doesn't have that option, sounds like it won't work. Perhaps it will bring up the option when I install it, but I'm not going to spend almost $200CND just to test that option.
  3. Yes to the 266 chips no to the 333 chip. With the new bios you will be able to set the temp to 1.65. If you cant for some reason, the cpu will just be more overclockable and you will need a better fan. Personally I never put the fastest chip on an old board. Seems too much, so I would recommend the xp2400.
  4. Thanks!
    I recall someone else recommending the 2400+. He said that the 2600+ was a little unstable on the A7V266-E. What voltage does the 2400+ run at?
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