Help !! Win XP (home) IRQ problems

I noticed in the device manager that my Geforce 3 was sharing IRQ 16 with my SB Live card and the Via USB 5 or later USB Universal Host Controller.

I changed the Sound card to PCI slot 3 (instead of 4) and now it's on IRQ 19.
I can't get the USB or my Vid Card to move IRQs, is this an XP thing? Should I leave it this way?

I tried settting different IRQs for the PCI slots in the bios but that didn't change anything.

I'm new to XP so maybee this is normal but....I figured you guys would know.
Thanks again!

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  1. hey, i had the same problem, whats going on is that win xp using ACPI so everything is using the same irq, its handy if you have a lot of periphals and such but it does cause some instability if your video card and sound card are on different irqs you should be alright and some people dont have problems if there on the same irq either what you need to do is go into device manager and under the ACPI go to update driver i believe and select standard pc and that should fix everything except when you shut down windows wont shut off your computer it will say its okay for you to turn off your computer and you just power it down yourself its no biggie or what i did i just formated my HD and put XP on so during the installation hit F5 or F6 i forget and it will allow you to selected standard pc through there thats what did and my system has been doing fine since then.
  2. Wow! world record for the longest sentence here!!!

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  3. If your system is working good, dont mess with the IRQ. Modern hardware is designed to be able to share IRQ. My graphic card, sound and network are on the same IRQ and I dont have any problems.

    If you start to mess with them, and are not sure about what you are doing, then you may have much more problem.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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