Dell optiplex gx270 memory compatibility. Can I mix two 1GB and two 512MB memor

I have Dell Optiplex GX270, with Phoenix BIOS 1.10 version A07.
Previous existing memory was 1GB using two 512MB PC3200.
I bought new memory comprised of two 1GB PC2700.
CPU runs fine with new 2GB of memory, but I am curious if I can mix original memory with new memory to get 3GB total.
If so, are there any special requirements for which memory goes into which of the 4 slots?
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    You can attempt to mix and match ram like that. It is not the recommended way to add ram since there is no guarantee that it'll work but it shouldn't hurt anything if it doesn't work... simply go back to the 2GB set.
    As far as slot requirements, I'd put the 1GB modules in the slots that have the white lock downs for the first attempt anyway.
    Hope it helps
  2. Yes, you can add the original 2 sticks to get 3GB.

    I assume that when you added the pair of 1GB dimms that you put them where the original sticks were.
    If so then you can just add the others to the open slots and all should be fine.


  3. It worked! I put the new 1GB PC2700 dimms in the 2 slots with white tabs, and the old 512MB PC3200 dimms in the 2 slots with black tabs. I now have 3GB of memory available. Thank you! I appreciate your expertise!
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