Help Desperately Required!!

Brand new PC consisting of these parts:

Intel 3ghz P4 800mhz FSB
Coolermaster heatsink and fan
Asus P4C 800 Deluxe motherboard
Corsair Twinx 1024 Memory. 2x 512mb XMS DDR 3200.
128Mb Hercules Radeon 9800 Pro
Plextor 52/32/52 cdrw
1.44mb floppy drive
36.7gb WD Raptor SATA Drive
120GB Maxtor SATA Drive
550Watt CWT SATA Dual Fan PSU
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum 2
Panasonic 16x DVD Rom

Just built a pc consisting of those parts. Put everything together fairly simply and everything was going to plan.

Wired everything up, connected all power cables. Turned it on, everything lit up, but it turned off again after 2 seconds. Nothing appears on the monitor.
It keeps turning off again very very quickly.
All the parts inside the case do light up for that short period.

Have tried disconnecting everything and leaving just motherboard and CPU on, still get the same result.

Does anybody have any suggestions? I'm dying for some help on this one. :(

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  1. First thot, is the HSF connected to the mobo??

    Even if the fan spins, is the BIOS giving a reading of the Fan speed. but then again, as u say ur PC stays ON only for a couple of seconds, i doubt if u cud check that.

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  2. I had a problem once like that. The CPU fan and the Power suply fan were running for 2 second and then it stopped. I disconnected everything, and found the board was short...I accidentley screw a screw into a hole that wasn't supposed to have an screw...Stupid I know..:) See if that is the problem.
  3. Hey Parm,

    When I built my computer, I had to do something weird to get the power to stay on. The first time I turned my computer on, I had to turn on the power supply, hit the case power button, then turn the power supply on and then off again. Ever since that first time, I have not had any problems. I am guessing that either the electrical signal had to be "flushed" out of the cable or something. I really have no idea, but it worked. I hope this helps!

    - Daniel (
  4. Double check the seating of your memory and your video card

    From my own experiences, generally you have a short or your hsf is install improperly. Double check the seating on that and reapply new thermal compound if necessary. And make sure that it's clipped down good.
  5. Don't worry, be happy, that you have warranty. Send it back and let the store worry.


  6. Read the first post in the Motherboard's forum. You most likley have a shorted board, like one guy said a mounting post under the board where there is no hole in the board for a screw!

    OK, the other thing is, if you turn the power on, on the back of the power supply, that's not the same as turning the computer on, you still need to have the case power button connected to the board.

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  7. Ja, definitely something is shorting.

    By the way, if it's staying on for exactly four seconds, chances are you have the power or reset switch connector shorted somehow. Those connectors are supposed to get a momentary-contact signal--like a quick swipe of a screwdriver across both pins, or a switch that springs back after it's released. If the contact period lasts for the "delayed shutoff" period (usually four seconds), the system will probably power right back off.

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