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Hi i was wondering is it worth buying $1,499.991 Alienware Aurora Desktop?

Or can i build one better and cheap? plus what site is good for building a gaming desktop? :hello:
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware,
    You can easily build a better computer for less than an Alienware but you won't get the support Dell provides.
    I threw together a more powerful build for about $50 less at PCPartPicker here - it is overkill for a gaming rig - in about 15 minutes although there are differences which rarely might be better on the Dell. The Dell uses a Socket 2011 motherboard which does allow for 4 channel memory, the Socket 1155 (I chose) only has 2 channel memory. If considering adding additional video cards in the future, the 2011 board allows for full bandwidth through all PCIe slots, the 1155 board is limited to half speed on the second slot. (which covers all the differences). Now I'm going to show you a Monster gaming rig (also on PCPartPickers) for about the same as the alienware, nope still short or even this (better) for $55 more than the Dell
    For boutique builders there is CyberPowerPC note that the X79 builds (socket 2011) start at a lower price point than Alienware but the price does not include the operating system installed so figure another $100 for that
    If you would like, I will explain my choices but I think that should be enough to absorb for now
  2. I have some time so I thought I'd share my thoughts on why the choices of my builds
    First thing to note is they include a small SSD for OS/boot drive
    Second, they both have better graphics cards
    Third they both have better quality PSU's
    Both have all-in-one liquid cooling for better overclocking
    The biggest difference is in the CPU with the Alienware sporting the Socket 2011 i7-3820 while my builds use the i5 3570k. Here's why, gaming currently does not take advantage of the technology the i7 has over the i5 which is hyperthreading (the ability in essense of creating virtual CPU cores). You would be paying for something you don't need. Also my builds have the ability to overclock, not that you have to do that but it comes in handy on many games. It's good to have the option later... I can't count the threads I've read where people were disappointed to find out the system they had purchased was 'locked' and unable to be overclocked.
    Again, My $0.02
  3. I'm looking at the same comp, but I will wait until dell has it's specials. you can get $350 to $400 off on dell deals. right now they only give $100 off, so be patient and save $$$$
  4. I have just finished building my new gaming computer for under $1500.
    Here are the specs:

    Cpu: i7 3770k

    Case: Cooler Master Storm Scout 2 Black Mid Tower

    Psu: 850w Corsair TX-850v2

    Cpu Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper Tx3 Evo

    MotherBoard: Asus P8Z77-V

    Ram: Kingston 8gb single 1600mhz DDR3

    Video Card: Leadtek GTX 680 4gb

    Hard Drive: WD Caviar Green 2TB

    In my opinion this build i finished is superior to the alienware in so many ways.
    Like the video card i have is a 4gb gtx 680 in the alienware its a 1.5gb gtx 660...

    Its up to you but in my opinion a waste of money.
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