how to get to cpu in acer aspire 5532

I cant figure out how to open it up to get to the cpu to upgrade it and there are no guides online or on youtube 9but they have other models which all vary greatly even within acer aspire). the manual only listed compartments where other things like hard drive and ram are located. I cant figure out if I need to take out the keybord somehow or usncrew the back because the screws are also so small and tight its hard to do even that.
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  1. Check out the sticky thread at the top of this section.
  2. I took all the screws out fro the back beside the ones in front of the hard drive and ram compartments, do I need to take those out too? Or once I get the ones on the main board and do something on sides or keyboard next?
  3. ok I opened everything up except the keyboard was taped with this black magnetic likle tape to the motherboard and I didnt want to remove that inf ear it would cause it later to malfunction and there were no springs or anything to remove it whole with tape from motherboard. And everything was off except top and middle of plastic above motherboard which was stuck somehow to it. I took all crews out and everything and it was still stuck and I saw other tapes underneath holding it as well. Everytime I tried prying the plastic bent so much it was about to break and I couldnt even get underneath it to the stuff that was holding it stuck. Also I didnt see any heat sinks above the two areas I thought were the cpu so it doesnt seem its upgradable and newegg and reviewers are lying. The s1g1 isnt upgradable at all. There was what I thought a cpu (it was square) because it said amd on the lwer left side underneath keyboard (on motherboard) but it was welded on and like I said there was only that palstic abvoe it and no heatsink (but maybe it was on other side). Also, there was this other square which was covered with something (but nto heatsink I dont believe) in the middle below keyboard and plastic and it had 4 screws on each side so was that the cpu? If so what was that other thing that was square and said amd on it?
  4. The big question I have is regarding the tape like cable connecting keyboard to mtoherboard udnerneath keyboard. In all the youtube vids as well as that thread here it comes off easy but on the acer aspire 5532 its like welded on there and when I try to put pressure underneath the sides of the holder on motherboard it acts like its about to break off entirely.
  5. Well...I got my CPU upgrade in and I was able to do it last night...never took a laptop apart...took 1 1/2 hours.

    I followed this guys video, but pretty good detail and it wasnt that hard...just time consuming. Maybe take pictures to remember where everything goes if you're not comfortable. PS on the RIBBONS...there are tiny black LOCKING tabs...pull these out and it unlocks the ribbon to make it easy to take out.

    but...crap, I took wrong screen shot for benchmark on 3dbenchmark on the 2nd one…you’re writeup was very helpful thanks again. (I’ve been working with computers/networks for around 15+yrs though…I just never looked into a laptop much…but built many pc’s/servers/networks. (also some circuit board experience)

    1st score with orginal tf20 (1.6ghz single core) – 2100
    2nd score after upgrade TL-58 (1.9ghz dual core) – 2235

    So something went up…I think it was the CPU scores..had to be…

    Windows experience the only thing that went up was the CPU marks…pretty big jump really.

    TF-20 windows experience Processor score = 3.2
    TL-58 windows experience Processor score = 4.7

    Hope this gives everyone a little help on another CPU that works…I bought it brand new at Starmicro…paid USPS priority and got it in 2 days…32bux shipped.

    Good luck all.
  6. There are pictures with instruction comments below them available for a 5516 at:

    The 5516 is VERY similar to the 5532 and I used the instructions from darntoothysam and the flickr site with pictures to upgrade the CPU on the 5532.
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