Does anyone know of a USB keyboard which....

is cheap, doesn't need drivers and will work before you have logged.

The reason I ask is because half the keys on my keyboard do not work including half my password keys, my enter key (which is a real bummer) and the keys needed for on screen keyboard.

I want to plug it in after the boot and type my password in so I can go in and remove the password and keep using the new keyboard.

Does anyone know one?

Or know how to log on without being able to type in the password or go in through safe mode (no enter)?
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  1. This is confusing. Please explain why you need to remove your PW and then change the keyboard.

    Why can't you remove the PW in the BIOS?

    Do you live alone? if so, you don't need a PW. I've never had one in 15 years. Use TweakUi and do the "AutoLogon" feature
  2. I had a password on my old laptop. I spilt water on it and now most of the keys do not work but everything else seems to be fine. I want to log into the laptop and remove the password as 80% of the keys in my password do not work.

    Because I cannot type my password in, use the enter key and some F keys do not work either I cannot do anything to get past the login screen. So I am looking for a usb keyboard I can plug in and use straight away before login to type my password in and then change some settings.
  3. Any keyboard will work, in fact a non-USB is more likely to work at the BIOS level.
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