How can I get best video with my setup?

I am trying to set up a home theater with the best possible video quality coming out of my InFocus LP640. I can get s-video to work just fine but want to use either the M1 or VGA inputs for a higher quality video. so far i can't get anything but a computer to work in these inputs.

My gear:

-InFocus LP640 projector ( ) with:
1 x S-video input - 4 pin mini-DIN
1 x composite video input - RCA
1 x VGA input - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15)
1 x VESA M1 - M1-DA

-Toshiba sd-3900 DVD player ( )
1X SPDIF output ( TOSLINK )
1X S-Video output ( RCA phono )
1X Component video output ( RCA phono x 3 )
1X SPDIF output ( 4 pin mini-DIN )
1X Composite video/audio output ( RCA phono x 3 )

-Joytech control center 540c ( )
-Xbox 360
-modded Xbox with RGB component cable

Cables and adapters:
-25 foot DVI-I to RGB Component cable ( )
-DVI-D Female to M1 Male adapter ( )
-M1 Male to VGA/USB Male adapter ( )
-VGA Female to DVI-I Male adapter
-VGA Male to DVI -I Female adapter
-VGA Female Gender Changer

-I have many 6 foot DVI, VGA, component and composite RCA's, and s-video cables lying around but i need at least 25 feet to my control center.

whats the cheapest way to get HD signal to my projector? or should i just give up and buy a long s-video cable? will i see a big difference?
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  1. If your 25' DVI to Component cable and VGA adapter didn't work, then I'm guessing you're stuck with just a long S-Video cable.

    -Wolf sends
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