P4 2.4b Overclock help ?

Hello, I have a P4 2.4b 478 Proccess in a Soyo Dragon Ultra Plat motherboard, Koolance water cooled case. I am looking to overclock the system, but I can not find any info on the correct settings. can someone please point me to a good place where it will show all of the settings I need to do so i can overclock this cpu to 3.0+
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  1. Set the bus speed at 250MHz, the CPU:RAM ratio to 5:4, and the CPU Core Voltage to 2.60v

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  2. Hit the "del" or F1 key to enter the bios, and look for either "frequency/voltage control" or advanced settings section for the cpu clock, voltage, dram voltage, etc. Try running the cpu voltage at default and raise the cpu clock fsb to 150 to start and see if it will post. If you have good quality pc3200 or pc3500 memory, try the 4:5 ratio. Or, if your cpu will handle it, try for 166 fsb and 1:1 ratio, then if it posts, try the 4:5 ratio. If the system won't post, raise the cpu vcore to 1.60, not 2.60 and slowly increase your fsb until you get error messages in windows, then back it down. These recommendations are for a "b" cpu running at 533 fsb. For the "c" variety running at 800 fsb, then follow crashman's advice, except for the cpu vcore.
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