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anyone know of a silent athlon xp cooler? ive seen some fanless heatsinks but dont know if they are any good.. no o/c just stock speeds thanks..

right now im using a alpha pal6035 with 80mm fan, its quiet but i'd like to get it silent

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  1. For noiseless operation you will need a very good heatsink such as the Thermalright SLK-900 or SLK-800 and then you can use a very low rpm 92mm fan with a virtually noise free motor - certainly not more noisy than your Power supply fans probably are (unless you have the enermax noiseless models!! You might also like to try the swiftech MCX462 with a low noise fan on it.

    So the sky is the limit really. As long as you get a very good heatsink then a quite fan will do the job. The Zalman flower is another example by the way. All mentioned heatsinks are solid copper construction for better conductivity.

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