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I am looking to buy a new TV for my bedroom. I'll be gaming and watching television on it the most with Blu Ray coming in behind those. I don't really want to spend more than $400 and I want a 37 inch. However, I found a TV that I would spend the extra money on.

It has an IPS panel and it's a reputable brand. I am assuming that most HDTVs use IPS panels. Though I'm not sure what type. I know when I was looking for a new monitor back in April, I bought an IPS and there were many different types like e-IPS and s-IPS. I am going to wait until at least Cyber Monday because I have been informed that a lot of TVs go on sale that day. Is that a good TV to be on the look out for or is there something else in that price range that would be better? I will not go more than that Panasonic TV as it is really pushing my budget. It just looked so good at Best Buy that I had to keep an eye on it just in case it dropped in price.
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  1. personally i'd suggest Sony products over panasonic. remember you get what you pay for.
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