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hello. my friend wants to get himself a cheap gaming laptop so i suggested him this. is this any good ? can this laptop play all modern games like skyrim, mass effect 3, AC3, etc etc at decent settings ? am also interested in this laptop as it seems to be good value . what do you think ?
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    The two charts will give you an idea of where the cpu and gpu that are in the laptop fall. On one hand you have an AMD cpu which is not as good as an Intel cpu for gaming and on the other hand you have Intergrated and Discrete video which can be combined for crossfire x and that would be hel;pful for gaming. The screen isn't a high resolution so you can't play above 1366x768 so you should get good settings to play at in the games.
  2. I wouldn't buy a laptop to play games, it will suffer form overheating in few months.
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  4. just a question: the price is in "rs"... what currency is that?!
  5. I believe it's India.
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