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Apple stock plummeting

Interesting to see Apple below $500/share; they haven't been this low in a year, almost exactly.

Do you feel that the Apple brand is on the decline, becoming more common and following just following industry trends, such as a "mini ipad", or speculation of an iTV, or do you think that their innovation is still just a preserved, and we're soon to be blown out of the water again by a completely new technology or way of using it...

...ideas? :whistle:
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    When Apple lost Steve Jobs to Cancer that may have been the beginning of the end since he was the driving force behind Apple. Nobody else will have that type of drive and control over the company like he did and what you may see now is Apple becoming more like other companies and losing it's uniqueness because of competition. The people in charge and thoise that will become in control later on will now be treating Apple like a place of work and buisness will be normal. Steve Jobs is the one that demanded dedication to the company and would only let people work there that would be followers of the Apple way, if you didn't become assimilated you were replaced.
    I think that's what Apple is losing more of and when investers see that that's why you see the stock going lower.
  2. I think losing Steve Jobs is a pretty large factor but i think it's mainly due to the declining economy. I would have an apple myself if i still worked 40 hours a week.
  3. Apple's now no longer the world's most valuable company, with Exxon taking #1 again. My opinion is that this is just the start of selling, and they'll continue to plummet until they reach ~$250/share.

    I just don't see any groundbreaking product coming out again; most, if not all, of Apple's growth stemmed from the iPhone. With the release of the crappy iPhone 5, plus the passing of Jobs, revival doesn't seem probable.

    They'll still be a good tech company, but nothing of what they were in terms of true innovation. And once they go overseas, trying to appeal to China, they'll really drop. I bet Jobs would roll over in his grave if he caught wind of manufacturing a cheaper iPhone.

    I don't think Cook would be considering going abroad if he didn't feel the company was in danger, which says a lot to me.
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  5. I agree with inzone. Apple has an almost cultish following both in the consumer market and the workplace. This was for the most part due to Steve Jobs direction and influence. Regardless of what you or I think of the man he was a very strong personality but, now he's gone.

    Some people are larger in death than they ever where in life but, in this case I don't believe this will hold true. He was very large in life and I believe that his influence and Apple's value will continue to slowly fade.
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