CAN ANYONE HELP ME . my pc has been acting very strange, well i think its the hard drive. it started off when i would try to enter C drive it would be deleyed or crash back to desk top<exe explore message>, or some times when u switch on it would make a wineing noise. switch off and then on and it would go stright to the bios and ask me to set/reset the proccessor speed, this has happened since we built the pc 1 year, so a month ago changed to a 2.2 AMD from 1.8, formatted H.D for the 100rd time and started again, but same problem!!! since this time, the pc has deteretated to the point where you cant run any applecations <games>statred off when playing FIFA2003 would play fine untill subtute would try to come on and it would take ages!!!!! and crash or playing VIETCONG it would crash a complete lock-up would have to hit the restart button for no reason!!
can anyone please help as i am at my wits end running out of options and money
128mb GF3ti200/500
512mb DDR
IBM 40 gig H.D
ASUS A7v333 bios up-date from 1006 to 1011
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  1. Whats the model number of your hard drive? - theres been a lot of failures regarding the GXP series, especialy the 75GXPs.

    Also download memtest86 (memt86) to create a bootable floppy which will test your memory.

    Usual behaviour for Asus boards is to enter the BIOS if the machine is reset before posting is complete. This is due to built in configuration lockup protection and nothing to worry about.

    Also, what OS are you using?

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  2. Im leaning toward sucky hard drive selection or a bad ATA controller on the MB. That is a good MB but it happends to the best of them. Could got a virus that went into the MBR, master boot record, which formating wont kill it. Could trash the partition and purge the MBR. Then a complete formatt. You could experiment with another "blank" HD to see if it would repeat the process. I have seen bugs that would do stuff to HDs like wat your are describing.
  3. thanks for the ideas how would i test to see if virys in/on master boot record? and if i replace the H.D will this solve the problem??????
  4. Typically programs like norton antivirus can scan the MBR but they really dont do a good job at it. Just flush the MBR out and that is all you can do to purge the MBR of bugs. To purge the MBR you have to use FDISK in DOS and type fdisk /mbr . This will purge it but that it no guarantee of this will trash the bug, depends on how evasive the virus can be. Replacing the hard drive will definately fix a virus problem, that if if you wait 15 mins after unplugging you computer to replace the drives..
  5. Have you even tried doing a scandisk, with or without a surface scan?

    I believe in Windows 2000 you get there by opening My Computer, right click on the C drive and select properties from the pop-up menu, click on the tools tab at the top of the new window, and in the Error-checking section hit the Check Now... button.

    Then put a check in the box labelled "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" and click on the Start button in the Check Disk window.

    Of course there are probably umpteen-million other programs which all do the same thing. I just know that you should have this one because it's part of the OS.

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  6. if i was to purge MBR of bugs would i have to install and drivers again fdisk/mbr and how do i get in to dos????
  7. good iddea ill try it now does any body know where i can get the latest mombo chipset drivers from!!!!!!!!
  8. best way to get into dos is to use a wondows startup disk if you have one.
    otherwise hit f8 during post and it will come up with a menu safemode, normal, logged, dos modse etc.. select the option 4 dos
    then put your windows cd in the drive change to that drive letter and type fdisk /mbr.
    you will have to reinstall the os after i think so make sure you save off any apps and files you want to keep beforehand
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