Repeated hard disk failure

I bought my lap inspiron n5010 during Sep 2010. I have already replaced hard disks for 3 times. Now today I find the same symptoms. Windows got startup error and after entering by repair mode it got struck at blue screen for hours. I guess there is harddisk error.
My question why is the same thing happened to my lap. Is there any particular factor responsible for repeated hd failure.
Before hd failure everything would be normal. Normal speed and other thing all of sudden the startup error would show up on the same day hd would crash.
Mine in windows 7 no pirated s/w and openwares like OpenOffice.
My use is limited to browsing and office app. I have ms security essentials.plz help me to identify the reason for repeated hd failure and is there any way to repair my sys without replacing hd.
Thanks in advance
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  1. The only thing I can think of that would cause three HDDs to fail in the same machine is the power - either too little or more likely, far too much and making the disk overspin. In a PC you would replace the power supply unit but not so in a laptop. I wouldn't bother putting a fourth disk in there - it's doomed.
  2. Thanks saga lout. Is there any possibility to avoid future hd failure by changing power unit. How much will it cost?
  3. Some laptops have a power daughter board - part of and removable from the motherboard. Others have the power supply built into the motherboard which would require a complete new board. The Dell service manual is here but it didn't unzip too well. I'll try again later but you may have more luck.
  4. How much of a shock is the laptop receiving? If your moving it around constantly while operating it depending on if it's just a slight bump or if you accidently drop it including if something falls on it, ect.. could be a factor. Do the failed hard drives work in another system? Chances are it could be anything from a bad connection (motherboard issues) or it could be a power issue. Do you have the laptop plugged into a surge protector, all the connections look secure? Are you also using the same brand/model of hard drive? Chances are you could be using a bad batch of hard drives. If you already checked all this then maybe perhaps if you really want to keep the computer i'd send it in with everything and tell them to look at the power supply, connections ect.. if it's still under warranty they might replace whatever is causing the issue. Otherwise i'd probably be looking for a replacement.
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