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Been doing a bit of research on my own, in which I see recommendations mostly pointing toward Seinheiser gaming sets. However, it also seems that people are complaining about the bass and music quality on these. I might be asking for too much when I say I'd like best of both worlds, but I'd prefer a great sounding set of Headphones that will deliver decent gaming surround, and clear, crisp music with adequate bass. I honestly don't care if there's a mic on it. Prefer it not to, really. Honestly it's more about the music, but games are a huge plus. I'm not exactly an audiophile so I'm not into hearing what's wrong with crappy music as I am interested in hearing .. well, awesome music. For that, I'd prefer it to be noise-canceling so it's immersive, instead of hearing noise outside as well. I guess that would be referred to as open ear vs closed. Btw, these will be hooked up to an HT | Omega eClaro, which has a headphone Amp. So these will be used exclusively with a PC Soundcard.
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  1. I like my Logitech G35s. Pretty good sound quality, although they do have a mic and are kind of expensive at ~$130. They also have simulated 7.1 sound which, while not as good as real 7.1 sound, is pretty cool. They are also noise-isolating. They're USB, which could be considered good or bad.
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