Keyboard problem in video games....

i've been having a problem with my keyboard in PC games , i'm using windows 7.. it's all going fine during the gameplay all button are working fine .. but in the control setting menu or whenever a tip shows up buttons are undefined .. see the photo to know what i mean....

that's from "max payne3" .. the game is working well and all buttons are working as they should but as you can see they are undefined in the controls menu or whenever a tip shows up -although they actually are working- , note that this only happens with the letter keys the numbers and "ctrl,alt,shift" are just fine..
also note that i've tried in other games and still the same problem , I've also tried another keyboard and still the same issue..
help :(
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    Look to me is the character set issue. What language set are you running on Windows 7.
  2. oh yes! i had both Arabic and English , i switched the default typing language back to English and bingo it's fixed , thank you sooooo much, u're the best (=
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