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Hello, I have a canon 3200f scanner which worked well with win xp but since changing to win 7 refuses to work. I have reinstalled win 7 twice downloaded and installed the drivers from canon and installed the way that they suggest, tried vue scan and a totally different 3200f scanner all to no avail.
anyone got a solution to this problem
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  1. If this is a USB scanner you might try checking that the computer's USB sockets work with other devices.
  2. Have tried using different USB sockets which work on other devices again to no avail but many thanks for the suggestion.
  3. If Vuescan didn't work, maybe Silverfast isn't so Win7-averse ?
  4. Thanks once again, have checked the silverfast site for canon 3200f scaner but they don't have this one.
  5. problem sorted, in despeperation installed a pci usb extending card plugged in the scanner and it now works.
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