Starting a home audio setup

So I'm looking at buying a pair of good quality speakers and a receiver for around 500$.

Bookshelf speakers are what I'm looking for

The receiver should be 5.1.

I am only looking to buy a pair of speakers and upgrade with a subwoofer and 3 others later.

They would mainly be used for listening to music (Electronic dance music is the preferred genre, followed by alternative rock and classical). Watching movies and playing games are a secondary to music.

They will be used in a medium sized room. But I plan on upgrading to a living room in the near future.

I plan on buying used, so besides kijiji and ebay. Where else would be good? Or would there be new speakers for a reasonable price?

Bang for the buck always applies, if the differences between speakers are minute, yet they cost 300$ difference, I will take the cheaper ones. The opposite applies, I can go over the 500$ budget if there is a great deal.

You help is appreciated, thanks! :)
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  1. Actually, I can't fit floorstanding speakers. Bookshelves are the only option
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